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All Federals Invited

Directions posted at the bottom of this page


The Elmore City Tactical has been set for March 14th and 15th 2014, outside--you guessed it--Elmore City.  Called the "Elmore City Shootout", it will be a 36-hour tactical beginning at 6 AM Saturday morning and going through noon, Sunday.  Though there might be a few spectators, this is to be a fun event for the reenactors. 

The Federal and Confederate camps will enter through seperate gates, about a mile apart.  Wood will be on hand, though straw probably will not.  The main problem is likely to be drinking water.  There will be no water buffalo, only a couple of barrels for water.   Participants will be urged to bring as much bottled water as possible.  Any other suggestions for alleviating the water problem are welcome, indeed.

We hope to have between 20-40 men on each side.  To that end, all Federals are invited. 

Though doubtless there will be some bumps and bruises, bugs and problems, this event should be a lot of fun.

"I would reccomend that anyone thinking of going, but unsure, to go ahead and go. You will be glad you did!" Ben Wilson

"Those who missed out, missed out on something awsome!" Matt Wilson

"What a perfect place to have a tactical! We need more re-enactors to experiance this fun field." Sgt. Daniel Hucker, Commanding Det. A, Elmore City

"This was the best small scale tactical I have ever attended in my eight years doing this." CD Lamoreux


From North and East, take Interstate 35 to the Purcell/Maysville Exit 91.  Turn west onto South 74 through Maysville and on to Elmore City (about 30 miles).  At the 4-way stop in Elmore City, turn right onto West 29 for 4.5 miles.  Look for signs.  Turnoff to Federal camp is about a mile before turnoff to Confederate camp.

From the South, take Interstate 35 to Wynnewood/Elmore City Exit 66.  Turn West onto North 29 to Elmore city.  At 4-way stop, go straight and follow above directions.

From the West, take US 81 to Marlow.  Turn onto East 29.  Follow until 4.5 miles before Elmor City.  Look for signs.