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If you have anymore questions, please go to the contact area and select one of the names to e-mail your question to. We will do our best to answer your question promptly.

Q:  Can my wife/fiancé/girlfriend/children get involved in this too?

A:  Sure can. We have a civilian group as well. They do all sorts of stuff around the camps and some times plan scenarios with the military. You will see that there are some female soldiers in other military units. We allow this also as long as you can look like a male soldier as women did in the Civil War.

Q: Do you shoot live rounds at each other?

A: No, if we did, it would be a real war.

Q:  How do I get stripes on my arms?

A:  With hard work, ability to learn and teach, and show responsibility and leadership qualities, you can advance in rank.

Q:  Are those bayonets real?

A:  Yep! We only use them in bayonet drills or to stack arms. Using them on the field of battle is not safe practice for us as well as many other units around. They can do the same amount of damage to a human body as they did in the Civil War. They are not toys!

Q: How do you know when someone shot you?

A: You don’t. If you run out of caps, powder or just want to be dramatic, fall down.

Q:  Can any soldier take over the other side’s artillery piece and use it against them?

A:  Only if the scenario has been planned that way. Only soldiers that have a special marker on their cap to show that they have been through the gun drills can do this.

Q:  Can you take the confederate flag from someone in battle?

A:  We don’t recommend taking any unit’s flag at any time. These flags are sacred and do cost money by personal or unit purchase. But if the scenario calls for it, then yes. But only by those allowed.

Q: How old do you have to be to join?

A: 14 and up for military combatant, any age for non-combatant and civilian.

Q:  How come when all the shooting is going on, most soldiers are still standing?

A:  It’s been said due to lousy shots, wool armor, or not playing fair. But in the long run, it due to the numbers available on the field. If everyone died by the hundreds every five minutes, then you didn’t get your money’s worth. Neither do the spectators.

Q:  Is it safe for me and/or my son to do this?

A:  As long as you and others around you follow the safety rules and abide by them, yes, it’s safe enough to do this. Minor injuries are always possible such as spraining ankles and scratches due to hidden holes in the ground or tree branches or thorn bushes.

Q: How expensive is it to start?

A: As long as you purchase items over time, not really expensive, but if you buy everything at once, then its between $1,000 - $1,500 roughly depending on quality. You do want something that will last and not fall apart right away. Your musket will be your biggest expense. Uniforms can usually be purchased in specials along with gear as well.

Q:  What is this Free Trial Program?

A:  We offer that your first 3 events are a trial period to see if you will like it first. We will outfit you the best that we can and get you into the action. Then if you like it, you can join us in future events.

Q:  Is the training hard to understand and perform?

A:  At first, it can be. But if you have some military background, it’s similar to the modern training today. We’ll teach you what you need to know and continue teaching you along with everyone else in Company & Battalion Drill weekends.